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3XSocial Review

An Honest Review of the 3X Social Program

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Hey Mike here, it’s been an exciting pre-launch and I hope you’ve watched the videos and gotten the free viral tool and template.  I’m finally done with everything, so without further ado…

“Here’s My Honest 3X Social Review and Personal Bonus”

No fluff, no generic review type crap- just everything you need to know about 3XSocial before buying it.

Note: This is my review, click here for the official 3XSocial Website

Ok, so What the Heck is 3XSocial?

  dentist in fort Lauderdale is the latest course by Don Crowther.  You may have heard of Don before, he is a renowned social media expert and has helped many large companies with social campaigns, and also released other popular courses such as Social Profit Formula.

Don Crowther is kind of old looking (haha don’t tell him I said that) but mortgage advisor he really knows his stuff.  He can get social media traffic and convert these visitors (friends, followers, whatever you want to call them) into buyers.  And not just one-time buyers but people who willwant more and more of your content.

Everyone and their mother knows that they should be using social media, but some people just stick a “tweet this” button on their blog and call it a day, or make a Facebook account and leave it alone.  Don is an carpet cleaning chicago chicago carpet cleaning expert on how to maximize social media earnings online bingo and claims thatmost people get it flat out wrong and never make a penny!

Don Crowther created the 3X Social program to help you get away from those re-hashed tactics that may have worked a few years ago but don’t work anymore.  3XSocial might be a weird name, but it was chosen for a reason.  Rather then rambling about dozens of new theories, he focuses on the top 3 techniques he personally uses to make money with social media debt consolidation programs.

Step by Step- Here is everything you get with 3XSocial…

  • The Socializer- At the heart of 3XSocial is this revolutionary software tool that helps you to automate and control many aspects of your social media work.
  • Module 1- The Quick Start Guide.  This shows you the EXACT steps for setting up the 3XSocial marketing strategy…you can COPY every step for yourself!
  • Module 2- Detailed training on Don’s #1 social marketing strategy.
  • Module 3- This module covers “Fast Profit” social strategy #2.
  • Module 4- Complete training system for the final and perhaps most profitable social marketing technique.
  • Module 5- Putting it all together.  Find out how to interweave all 3 marketing strategies and master the socializer software to create a dependable social media profit stream!

Don set up the course in a way that he calls “learn and earn” where he teaches you his three best social marketing techniques.  Then he gives you the tools and templates so you can go out and outright copy him!

Click Here To Learn Don’s 3 Best Ways of Profiting from Social Media

The Bad Points

Obviously nothing is perfect.  Here’s what I don’t really like about 3XSocial:

  • The price.  It costs $1997 and that price tag is going to scare off a lot of people.  But once you see the results you get, it is worth every penny.
  • It is broken into training modules like I said, and it takes some time go through everything and learn the software, so you probably won’t start making money on day one.

The Good Points

  • Don Crowther is a world famous expert on social media, and not some “wannabe guru” just pitching some crappy product.  You can put your faith on a reliable and professional teacher.
  • The training is very thorough and the software is dead simple to use.  You don’t need to be a tech expert or social media pro to understand everything.  Don lays it out nice and simple.
  • It works.  Again, there are countless social media products out there, but this is the real deal.  Hands down the best social course and software on the market today.  Period.

The Bottom Line

There are a ton of junky social media courses on Clickbank with high refund rates.  But 3XSocial is above and beyond anything else you have seen, unless maybe you were lucky enough to get Don’s original Social Profit Formula

I’ll be blunt, this course is expensive and is not for everyone.  But if you are at that level to take your game up a notch, and you know who you are, then 3XSocial is the best option.  If you have tried your hand at social media and failed, or just want to improve your bottom line, there is nobody better than Don Crowther to teach you how!

Click Here to Check Out Don Crowther’s 3XSocial Now

My Personal 3XSocial Bonus

There are a lot of people offering bonuses, but I have tried to think of something you can actually use instead of just gimmicks.  So here is what I am offering you if you buy 3XSocial through my link.

  1.  A $150 giftcard you can use on anything you want (ok, I thought I would include one “fun” bonus).
  2. Five 400 word articles personally written by me on your topic.  I have a degree in English, and I’m willing to write some high quality articles you can use on your blog or anything else.
  3. 250 real likes and fans for your Facebook page.  This one will actually help with your 3XSocial campaigns and will give a boost to any FB page you have.
  4. Annihilation Engine, which is a high quality videobook by Mike Long and Kelly Felix on how they made over $4 million in one year, it has a lot of great actionable tips you can use!

I put a lot of thought into these bonuses and think you will love them.  To get your bonuses, just buy 3XSocial through any link on this page and watch movies online for free forward a copy of your order receipt to bonus @ and after the refund period is over I will send you everything

So go ahead, order 3XSocial and get all the great content plus my personal bonuses.

Click Here to Get 3XSocial and My Hot New Bonus

PS. I don’t like used cars fake “scarcity” and don’t want to rush you, but 3XSocial isn’t going to be available for long.  If you know Don Crowther then you know he has had other courses before that weren’t available for long.  If you are interested in 3XSocial at all, then you should check it out while you can

Enough Waiting, Click Here to Get 3X Social Now!

Hey guys, I know you might be getting tired of hearing about 3XSocial by now but I have some important news.  Don Crowther is holding a LIVE training webinar tomorrow (Aug 23).

Register for the webinar here

Thursday night Don is setting up a live webinar that you can attend and ask questions in.  During the webinar he is going to cover:

  • Exactly why you need to change your approach to using social media if you want to build a list and make any money.
  • Learn several new content strategies that you can use immediately.
  • How to attract followers, convert them to buyers, and get them on your list in less than 15 minutes of work each day.
  • How to use the new 3XSocial Socializer software that does most of the heavy lifting in your social campaigns for you.

This isn’t just another sales-pitch type prelaunch video.  Is it live training directly from Don Crowther, and he will answer any questions you might have.

If you already bought 3XSocial Don should be sending you an email invite to the webinar.  If you haven’t bought 3XSocial yet, just head to the main sales page, and there will be a pop-up after a few seconds that lets you register for the webinar.

This is a completely free webinar with some good info from Don.  Also, even if you can’t attend the webinar tomorrow, you should still register for it so you can get the replay video!

Click Here to Register for the Free 3XSocial Live Webinar

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Final 3XSocial Video- Socializer Software Revealed (No Opt-In Required)

Howdy folks, Don just released his final, yes final, prelaunch video for 3XSocial.  This past week Don Crowther has released four different videos with a ton of gold in them Recover deleted files and he explained how to stop wasting money by doing social media wrong and how to actually start making money with sites like Facebook

Go Watch 3XSocial Video #4 Now

These videos will change how you look at social media, and he just revealed his new “socializer” software as he calls it which pretty much sets things up on autopilot for you.

No, it is not some scammy “push button” software that online bingo will magically make you money overnight.  But it is an awesome tool that will automate DTW Transportation certain tasks and allow you to manage all of your social media work in just a few minutes a day

In this last video Don explains how his new socializer tool works and how you can set up your social campaigns on autopilot.  He goes over all the details and answers any questions you may have about it.  This is the final prelaunch video, so check it out now!

Click Here to Watch Don Crowther’s Socializer Software in Action!

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3XSocial Free Special Report- Make Money By Driving People Away?

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to watch the three available videos and received the free viral tool and social media template.  But our Ultrasound Technician good friend, and obvious expert as you should be able to tell, just made life sweeter with a surprise

As an addendum to the third video, Don Crowther just added a free special report called How to Make More Money By Driving People Away.

Click here to read the special report

You already know that a lot of people don’t buy something immediately, which is why you need to make a list and market to them in the future.  That’s how the common theory goes, right?

Well in this report Don discusses how you can turn people away, and they will want to come back to you and buy from you.  It is too great to ruin the surprise here, but I am sure you will like his new free report.  This is an effective strategy and not just that rehashed garbage that the “wannabe gurus” all share as expert advice.

Also…I don’t mean to rush you, but the official 3XSocial launch is only a few days away and this video and free report aren’t going to be available for long, so check it out while you can.

Click here to watch the video and get the special report

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3XSocial Video 3- Social Media That Fits Your Personality

I don’t know about you, but generally I am an introvert. I hate talking on phones and meeting people in person.  But I don’t seem to have a problem talking to people online…either through email, Skype, or social sites.

But some people don’t like doing even that.  What about you?  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Has your personality scared you away from using social media?

Guess what…you don’t need a big personality to succeed.  You don’t have to bethat guy on Facebook who is always the life of the party.

Actually, Combat Knives the people who seem to succeed most on social media sites are the people who christian chat roulette chat don’t have a ton of fake “friends.”  Instead they are the people that are quietly getting traffic and converting these people into customers by providing simple content that visitors actually like

To find out how you can be one of these people, no matter what your personality is like, Don Crowther has released his newest video.  He will reveal his solution to any concerns about social media posting you might have.


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